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Borrow PurpleAir Monitors



Nowadays so many young children and teenagers are much more environmentally aware and want to become involved in keeping our planet ‘clean and green’. Therefore, we wanted to include our youth as part of our educate and information program. To assist teachers and other educators in motivating their students with experiments and assignments, we have accessed a number of specific PurpleAir Monitors for lending to schools. 



PurpleAir are an air quality monitoring network built on a new generation of “Internet of Things” sensors. A proven air quality monitoring solution for home enthusiasts and air quality professionals alike. Using a new generation of laser particle counters to provide real-time measurement of PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10.


PurpleAir sensors are easy to install and only require a power outlet and WiFi. They use WiFi to report in real time to the PurpleAir map. 



There are multiple PurpleAir sensors live around the Gladstone Region. Go to the PurpleAir map to see the live data.



The students will have hands-on experience in monitoring, recording and comparing data on Gladstone’s and the world’s air quality. What a fun way to educate – by observing and evaluating the air that they breathe!



The monitors can be borrowed for a maximum time limit of three months or a school term. For further information on our borrowing policy please call and discuss on 0460 792 812 or send an email to

Fact Sheets & reports are available for the following: 


Air Quality Trends in Gladstone

Gladstone Air Quality

Clean and Healthy Air Gladstone Report

Air Pollutants PM 10

Human Health for Gladstone

Nitrogen Oxides Air Quality

PM 10 & PM 2.5

Sulphur Dioxide

Visual Amenity

Test your knowledge and have fun with your children and friends with the following:


Air Quality Quiz

Air Particle Experiment

Air Particle Experiment Instructions