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Purpleair Monitors

are you a keen science enthusiast? Then we have some projects for you!


Gladstone PurpleAir Monitors


Why not monitor air quality from your home with a PurpleAir Monitor? These monitors are an air quality monitoring solution for home enthusiasts and air quality professionals alike. They work by using a new generation of laser particle counters to provide real-time measurement of PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 which are different airborne particles, such as smoke, dust and other particulate air pollution.


PurpleAir sensors are easy to install and only require a power outlet and WiFi. They recommend configuring WiFi on your sensor indoors, near your computer or where you have a good WiFi signal. You should also check that there is a reasonable WiFi signal where you intend to mount the sensor.


Using WiFi to report in real time, you can our real live data is depicted on a world map where browsers can zero in on any place where monitors are, including Gladstone. To get up to date figures and more information about installing just go to their website – CLICK HERE.


The Gladstone Air Quality Community Group have PurpleAir monitors to borrow for any community group, schools or a budding scientistic wishing to use temporarily.


Nowadays so many young children and teenagers are much more environmentally aware and want to become involved in keeping our planet ‘clean and green’. Therefore, we wanted to include our youth as part of our educate and information program. To assist teachers and other educators in motivating their students with experiments and assignments, we have accessed a number of specific PurpleAir Monitors for lending to schools. 


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